Fall Army Worm

Army Worm and Grub prevention can be done. However if you only have our Weed and Feed program which most people do. Then you will not get this application. The product we use is fairly new on the market and is called Acelepryn. This is not harmful to Bees like most other products used for this. In the 2016 Army Worm invasion we found that every person that received this product for grub control also had no army worms. Army worms come every year in the fall around August through September depending on the weather that summer. They WILL NOT KILL YOUR LAWN! like some people are saying. They eat the green off the top of the grass and then die off. Most people that get these pest have gotten them before but didn't even know it unless they had enough population to show browning.
The Army worm / Grub treatment
will be applied with the Round 4 application in the June to July time frame. The Cost of the application will be the same as your regular application amount. 

Example:  Round 4 = $40
  Army worm/ Grub= $40
Total                        $80

White Grubs

White Grubs are the larvae of any beetle that fly around your lights on a early summer night. Because of this, Every lawn has some grubs by August and September. They eat the roots of the sod and are not good at all for your lawn. If you have Zoysia grass we recommend you get this application because it will really make a difference in your lawns thickness and color. Bermuda needs it too. However Bermuda turf can out grow most damage to grubs unless you have a high population in some areas and then it can kill spots in the lawn. Most people call me about this pest because animals are digging in the lawn after them. Getting this application will not guaranty that the animals will not dig but it can help to reduce the amount of digging.