How much should I water my lawn? 

When weather conditions are over 85 degrees and rain frequency has gotten into the the summer pattern. You should water 1 inch of water a week. 

How often should I water my lawn? 

Remember when watering your lawn you should water heavy fewer times of a week. Watering 1/2 inch 2 times a week would give you the 1 inch and will water deeper so roots will grow long downward not just close to the surface. Shallow roots causes weak turf. 

How do I know how long to set my irrigation stations? 

You will need to test the system with rain gauges or cups. Time the zone to see how long it will take to get 1/2 inch of water. Then set that time for the zone. You will find that every zone is different. Rotors will take longer than heads that water the entire area constantly. Like small areas normally have. 

How tall should I mow my lawn? 

Bermuda should be mowed at 2 inches. It can be mowed at 1 1/2 but you will need to water more often. Zoysia should be mowed from 2 to 21/2 inches. Use a ruler to measure the length of grass after it is mowed. 

Should I cut my lawn down very low in the spring. [scalping] 

Yes you should mow your lawn very low and bag the clippings one time in the spring around mid march. This will expose the ground and help to green up the lawn quicker. If you do this in January or in the fall you will cause more weeds and possible winter injury. 

How often should a soil test be performed on my lawn? 

. Soil testing is recommended at least every 2 years. The results will help us identify additional needs for your lawn. To request a soil test, check the soil test box at the top left corner of your

 remit slip included with your payment or go to and click "Soil Test Request". Once a soil sample is taken, it will take up to two weeks for you to receive the results with our recommendations.